Where am I?

Does the world really need another Autism Blog?
Homeschooling Blog?Faith Blog?

I know that there are plenty of these to go around and I am not sure that I have anything completely unique to say, but I think I may just need an outlet to process the millions of thoughts in my head.

I named the blog hupostasis (faith) because faith is what I cling to day by day, moment by moment.  Faith in what I sometimes do not see, but believe with all my heart.  I believe in the great worth of every human being.  I believe that every individual life has meaning and purpose.  I believe that the goal in life is not to cover over our “shortcomings,” but to allow them to be used by God for his glory.  I believe that people with disabilities are no more “broken” and in need of “fixing” than we all are, but may need a different kind of help to achieve their own goals than others do.

I believe that we are all in transition from what we are now into what we will be and what God is making us to be.  I believe that there is hope for me to become a better Christ-follower, a better mom, a better friend.  I believe that there is hope for my children to become what only they can uniquely be and hope for me to help enable them to become those people.


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