Planning First Grade Homeschool

My middle son, P, is autistic, hyperlexic and has very limited language. This makes planning first grade a little more of a challenge. He is a smart boy and capable of learning plenty, but I need to teach him in a highly visual way and we need to work on language as much as possible. He will be in public school for Language Arts/Literacy and PE, Speech and OT, but because their expectations are so low, I am treating school more like a very good babysitter where he may learn something while I teach his older brother in the mornings.

First, I start by setting goals for the year and I choose which resources I will use to accomplish them (not every detail, just main textbooks, workbooks, etc. used for each subject).
Click here to see my goals and resources: P First Grade Plan and Goals

From my list of goals, I then break it out into months, setting goals for each month (many months are the same because we are going through a certain book or curriculum all year for that subject.)

See our monthly plan here: P First Grade Monthly Plan

The last step is to set a sample schedule to see if the plan will work.  See our sample first grade schedule here: Weekly Schedule P First Grade

It seems like a lot of work, but we prefer to do many shorter assignments, so it is actually only about 2 hours and 30 minutes of actual work each day.  We have actually begun our schedule already and P is as happy as ever and he actually chose to spend extra time doing a math app after all his work was done, just for fun.

Beacause P has such unique needs, I often end up making things myself, instead of using prepared curriculum.  Here are two examples of “journal pages” that we fill out daily to work on printing, talking about the past and expressing feelings.

P Day Review

Today I feel

I am looking forward to a new year of fun, learning and progress!


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